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Scott Freeman, Trainer/Owner

Having spent 15 years in the Army training Australia's elite soldiers, Scott Freeman decided to combine his expert military skills with formal qualifications in professional fitness. Scott's unique abilities were recognised and he passed rigorous selection and training to attain highly regarded Physical Training Instructor (PTI) status.

While Scott's achievements include training paratroopers, Special Forces Units and Army Officers—receiving the highest forms of commendations along the way—perhaps his greatest contribution to the fitness world to date is his ability to bring his elite fitness knowledge and training to anyone willing to change their life. Recognising the opportunity for everybody to benefit from elite training, Scott founded Elite Military Fitness.

For 10 years now, Scott's focus has been on diversifying his fitness programs, so that they cater to all levels of fitness, body types and sizes. His time spent in rehabilitation has taught him the importance of having a flexible approach to fitness—one that can be disciplined and hard core, or encouraging and motivational, as needed.

If you've always desired a higher level of fitness, but thought it wasn't possible, or if you've simply lost hope that you are able to change—you're wrong. Scott's training is elite, and so are his results.

'I've never had a client I couldn't change or help.' - Scott Freeman

Formal Qualifications

Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Cert III and IV Qualified
Cert IV Workplace Assessment
Unarmed Combat Instructor
Caving and Abseiling Instructor
Bronze Medallion
Senior First Aid Qualified
Senior Instructor Unarmed Combat